Growing in Phoenix

SeedlingsSeptember in Phoenix.  Time for planting.  Yes!  The monsoon season has added a supply of water, the temperatures are starting to cool down, and we are approaching the winter rains.  So now is the time to get the herbs and veggies in the ground.  At least, that is what I am told.

At any rate, this year I decided that I am ready for the challenge of trying to grow a real garden.  Last year I planted rosemary and sage in the ground.  Both did really well, and the rosemary is thriving, but the sage was eaten down to the roots by the bunnies. Caught them in the act. Well, they have to eat too.  So it seems that if I want to grow anything edible in the yard, it will have to be a raised-bed container approach.

Armed with enthusiasm, I sent away for way more seeds than I would need in more varieties than I could possibly use for my first experiment.  Back-up for Plan B, is the way I look at it.  In at least one moment of lucidity, I picked four items and proceeded with the indoor phase, starting from seed.  As you can see, the San Marzano 3  tomato is the tallest.  Marjoram and thyme are tagging along.  This morning, however, I had to start over with the sage.  What is it with the sage?  One of my ABSOLUTE favorite herbs. You would think with all the varieties of sage in the desert it would be a slam dunk.

The adventure continues…….

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  1. Ann says:

    Try some Asian greens. Wonnderful or salads. I’ll post the names later

  2. So interesting that your growing season is just starting. Ours, in Seattle, is mostly wrapping up. Except for winter vegetables, of course.

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