Forks, Water, Cheese – Roadtrip 2014

It all started when I dreamed it would be nice to visit the state where the first wave of my family immigrated to America. Denny’s family lives in a neighboring state – could we plan a drive?  No more cross country driving – two trips across America in two years was quite enough.  So which airport????  Now, which state have neither of us ever been?  It all pointed to Wisconsin, home to Dairy and Beer (not necessarily in that order), initial point of landing – Milwaukee.

Rain had been in the forecast, and it looked dicey circling the airport – downtown Milwaukee was shrouded in clouds. It’s a stunning view when arriving from Phoenix. Lots of residential and farm surrounds the city. At first it looks all tall green trees stretching forever. Then the big surprise – when the aircraft is low enough on the approach, lots  of houses previously hidden by the trees pop into sight. Eighty degrees? Compared to the 104 degrees I left in Phoenix, I’ll take it! Not too sure about the 79% humidity, but that’s how it goes. One can’t argue when there is a ton of green around and you feel hydrated just by walking around and breathing the air.

Late afternoon didn’t give much time for more than settling into Milwaukee suburb New Berlin (pronounced New BER-lin, in case you were wondering).  A quick search on Yelp! uncovered a local restaurant gem called Fork in the Road in a nearby town called Mukwonago (that’s Muck-WANNA-go, to you). Located in an historic house from the early 1900’s, they provide great service, fantastic food (and beer) that is fresh and local.  Get there early, it fills up fast in the evening.

Yes, it is located at a fork in the road.

The town, as most towns in the state we would eventually find, is small and quaint and has the feel of Revolutionary United States – as in Morristown N.J.

Loving this place already…..




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