It’s Miller Time…

Another picture perfect weather day.  How long will this last?  We’re just grateful that it’s holding out so well.  Today we headed to Miller Brewery and catch their world class tour.  Incredibly, the tour is free.  Just line up, get your pass for the next time slot, and away you go.  A few videos kept the natives from getting restless.  After all, there is a lot of history to learn and a lot of the people are there – let’s face it – for the free beer!  One of the nice things about the tour is the cool blast you get when you walk into the original cellars.  Back in the day when there wasn’t refrigeration, ice was king and caves were the best place to keep things cool. I had never paid much attention to the Miller Lady logo, and never realized that there was such a mystery behind her existence.  Not that I would every wear her get-up.  It’s tradition.

The manufacturing facility was incredible – all the noise and all the processing – I couldn’t get over the fact that there was so much beer being processed – and 60% of it was all going to the city of Chicago.  Miller explained about the Coors connection (we had been to the tour in Golden Colorado two years earlier).  Then it was time for four servings – two in the plant and two in the Bier Garden across the street.  The shandy was surprisingly good.

All in all a great tour, with fun guides, and the perfect mood enhancer for getting to Miller Park for the Brewer’s game. What a nice park.  Had my first brat there – pretty spicy, which  made it great with the sauerkraut.  Our old nemesis team, SF Dodgers, was in town to provide the competition.  But the Brewers prevailed – Final score: Giants 1, Brewers 3.  Go local, go team!

One thing I had never encountered before was baseball tailgating.  When did baseball fans start tailgating?  There are a LOT of tailgaters at Miller Park, and even a tailgate prize.  Where have I been?  But then, with all the construction on all the major freeways going on (and I mean ALL), it is easy to understand why you’d hang out even after the game.  It took FOREVER to get out of the parking lot.  It was as bad as New York or Los Angeles.  And it was mostly all due to the construction cutting down single lanes with multiple access points dumping more traffic going nowhere in a hurry.  Well, it couldn’t all be perfect.

Nice weather, got some good walking in, new eats, life is good in the neighborhood.

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