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Boyce Thompson Arboretum

What a day – the temperature dropped to the lower 80’s, so it was time to hit the trails!  We got there just after 10AM – so it was in the upper 70’s when we hit Superior, Arizona to visit … Continue reading

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Eat Hearty Kale!

Ok – I get on a jag, and there it is.  Got tangled up in a tangled mess of yarn, which distracted me from my weaving, so I concentrated on food instead! First, my husband and I went out in … Continue reading

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Support Your Local Culinary School!

As part of my assimilation into my new environment, I joined a social club that organizes a luncheon each month, at a different venue.  Well, May’s selection could not be resisted –  a limited-seat engagement at the Arizona Culinary School in … Continue reading

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Tessendo nel Momento

After many false tries, I have gotten the blue cotton warp on the loom, with a shed, and it’s all working (finally).  I had it all ready to go, but could not get a shed, because the alternate yarn I … Continue reading

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Sotto Voce – Solar Eclipse

Today there was a solar eclipse, and what a spectacular sight it was!  We didn’t get the full impact until the pictures were downloaded – nice to have a camera view to diffuse the brutal effects on eyes.  Retina burnout … Continue reading

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Fiber Friday – May 11, 2012

Taking stock of where you are from where you’ve been always gives you a good perspective of where you really are!  In my new state of mind I usually end up mentally languishing over what I have or haven’t accomplished. … Continue reading

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A Swing and a Miss, a Swing and a Hit!

Baseball vernacular is great – so descriptive of the foibles we encounter while living.  Sometimes that ball comes charging at you going 95 miles an hour, other times you can hit it out of the park when it comes to … Continue reading

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A Lot of Tea and a Little Sympathy

Having been a tea fan since birth (literally, my mother has this documented), I was not so sure that I would be able to feed my tea house addiction in Arizona.  After all, the pickings were pretty slim and mostly … Continue reading

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