Sotto Voce – Solar Eclipse

Today there was a solar eclipse, and what a spectacular sight it was!  We didn’t get the full impact until the pictures were downloaded – nice to have a camera view to diffuse the brutal effects on eyes.  Retina burnout is not something I wish to experience or live with.  The newspaper headlines called it a “ring of fire”, and they were so right.

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The temperature was still in the upper 90’s at 6:30PM, so the heat added another dimension to the view.  Using a paper with a pinhole poked through it does not diminish the intense effect of the sun’s rays – the reflex of the camera lens works much better.

It is so fortunate for us that these celestial events are so predictable and explainable.  I could only imagine living in the 1100’s during an eclipse and wondering what the heck was going on – easy to feel like the gods were conspiring something or the end of the world as we know it was unfolding before our very eyes.

But mother nature is more than generous in sharing her everyday beauty, even though she can be quick to anger as she re-centers her space every time humankind or the rest of the universe forces a change.  Enjoy the view!

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