Fiber Friday – May 11, 2012

Taking stock of where you are from where you’ve been always gives you a good perspective of where you really are!  In my new state of mind I usually end up mentally languishing over what I have or haven’t accomplished. My brain would like to have me check the box and move on to the next whatever, leaving a string of I don’t know what.  One lesson I have still to absorb into my being is that it is OK to just be still and soak up the environment.  That said, here’s what’s going on with my current fiber projects…..

Cecily Sweater  I finished the main body earlier in the week only to discover that I didn’t have the correct needle size to work on the sleeves!  Silly me.  So I finished off the edgings, and this Wednesday I bought the right needles.  One sleeve in work, the other to go.  Can’t wait till this one is done – I may add a little lace to the sleeves.  Opted to stick with the long sleeve pattern, versus finishing off with a cap sleeve.  I have enough yarn in my stash to create a cap sleeve top if and when I want one.

Weaving  The woven throw rug  is off the loom and joined in a round (quite messily, I might add, but that is where washing will hopefully help me).  Next is the washing, with the hope that it will “full” enough to erase my sins.  If not, there’s always the dryer to felt it a bit. My plan is to sew a border to keep the fold flat.

I had some warp leftover, so I used a skein that wasn’t big enough to do anything with to make what will become an eyeglass case – it’s about 7″ x 7″.  The skein is a mismatch of sample fibers that I spun together.  Had enough left over to braid a cord to use as a closure. I mean, what do you do with all those roving test drives, anyway?  There is never enough to make anything useful.  Some people assemble a “sample” book. I almost never do the same thing twice, so samples of what I have done don’t really help me very much.  Also, I am not so enthralled with my work that I think it will be preserved for prosperity. I imagine that once I am dead all my stuff will get donated to those antique shops in questionable neighborhoods.  Not to worry – it all recycles in the end, right?  Ask all those ancient civilizations that created clothes and tools that have disappeared into the wind.  We can only speculate, after all.

Spinning Still spinning away, in spurts, as my enthusiasm waxes and wanes with the other stuff….I am really not sure what I am going to do with this when it’s done.  Usually it tells me when the time is right!  I did buy some new roving at  Fibers Through Time, but it will be a while until I get to it. I do expect it to be this year, though, since it screams at me to be spun every time I enter my “studio”, aka the loom room.

Kumihimo  Here is the flat braid sample created during my Fibers Through Time workshop.  Weaving Study group is next Wednesday, so I set up another flat braid with California grown kid mohair that I spun a few years ago – had extra from when I finished my sweater and the fabric piece that I haven’t made anything from yet.  Time, time, time.

Note – Click here to see the previous status of these projects in work.

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