Monday, July 28, 2008 – The Thin Man and Other Escapades

If you haven’t already watched any of the Nick and Nora Charles (William Powell and Myrna Loy) mystery segments under the Thin Man umbrella, you certainly have missed a treat.  I love the conversation and clothes.  Yes, back in the day when people dressed up.  Or was it just the people who didn’t have to have a day job?  No matter.  Iman, on hitting 50, was quoted as saying “get dressed every day as though it was a special occasion”.  She might be on to something there.

Denny took me to the doctor.  They all agreed I looked pretty good and my swelling is going down well.  It will be another 4-5 weeks before the swelling is completely gone (they like to remind you of this).  Also, in 5 weeks I will have an out-patient day at Stanford to have the suspension wires removed (please don’t ask about this part, because it isn’t pretty). However, for now, the rubber bands are still in place.  Which means restricted talking.  Or grunting, in my case.  Well, there is always Wednesday.  My x-rays look good.  My lower jaw just wants to spasm itself out of position (one consequence of fast healing?  I noticed something funny on Saturday when I closed the windows to start the air conditioning.  You wouldn’t believe how applying pressure with your hand can extend to pressure in your neck and jaw).  So there it is.  My color is better and improving every day.  I think that I have a little color from the walks, actually, even though I am leaving them to later in the day.

I am to keep up the saline irrigation and showers.  I have re-thinking on how to managing the icing.  I have completed the antibiotics.  So now it’s a matter of managing off the pain medication, because if I don’t do that I will never be able to drive.  And of course, when I go back to work on Monday, I shouldn’t be on narcotics, anyway.

Thanks to everyone sending the e-mails and cards – it is very encouraging and raises up my spirits tremendously.  A very large contribution to my speedy healing!

On another note – no tomato remnants on the porch this morning!  We’ll see how many days it takes the squirrel to figure out how to crawl under the net.

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