Exhibiting at the FCF Holland Gallery

It was an exciting start for me in 2019, as I was able to exhibit two of my weaving pieces in a local gallery. There were sixteen local fiber artists in the exhibit. Three of us are members of the local weaving guilds. The exhibit was open from January 2nd through the 24th. On the 12th I was able to perform a weaving demonstration on site so that visitors could see how cloth is constructed. My trusty four shaft workshop loom is portable stood up to the test with a two color huck lace pattern.

Sonoran Spring – Globe Mallo is a green runner that was inspired by the globe mallo plant seen everywhere in central Arizona – mostly in Spring but also in early Winter. It’s a mixture of several different colors and textures of green and the light orange of the globe mallo flower. Cotton, Linen and Tencel.

White Black and Gray is a double cowl. The interplay of various grays with black and white creates the illusions of multiple weaves.

The warp threading is a basic point twill, using 20/2 weight mercerized cotton. But by alternating the colors of the warp by section, and changing the colors of the weft as the weaving progresses, you can observe the differences in the pattern outcome. That’s why I like to work in a color and weave environment – it’s an interesting way to bring texture and shape while using the same warp threading.

About vairarenbeth

Just another person on the planet earth. My name is Claudia, but I am also known as teacatweaves, and teacatweaver. An escapee from the corporate grind, my husband and I are in a new phase of life. Now I read, weave, spin, urban hike, knit, make bread and pasta from scratch, and discover new and exciting things to my heart's content. One sweet dream is a reference to the Beatles - "...Soon we'll be away from here, step on the gas and wipe that tear away. One sweet dream - be true..."
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4 Responses to Exhibiting at the FCF Holland Gallery

  1. Ian says:

    Awesome! The loom you’re using looks just like mine. Is that your traveling loom?

  2. vairarenbeth says:

    Yes, it’s my traveling loom – a LeClerc. I bought it second hand about 6 years ago. It fits in my MINI!

  3. Virginia says:

    Congratulations Claudia – very impressive work!

  4. Lovely pieces. Congratulations

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