Saint George and the Final Stretch Home!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAProvo is located less than an hour south of Salt Lake City.  It is also the home of Brigham Young University.  Emmett and Caesar took an early break on the trip to St. George to check out the campus.  The campus library is a remarkable building – lots of light, a great exhibit on Williams Wordsworth. Easy visitor parking access and an Art Museum to boot!


Having just finished a blanket project, Caesar was amused by the blanket exhibit in the museum.  Oils by artist Minerva Teichert (1888-1976) were exceptionally beautiful. There were a lot of cool exhibits, and a good break from all the pioneer focus of the past few days.  Well, of almost all of the past two weeks.  Not that anyone’s counting.  It’s a funny thing, at some point in any trip, there comes a time when the anxiety of getting home to the comforts of our own stuff start to creep into the sub conscience and that sense of urgency becomes a hum that gets louder and louder.  It’s no longer a point of “we can spend an extra day”.  Of course you can.  But with three weeks on the road…..

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWashington is a town in the suburbs of St. George that is the chosen home of friends that Emmett and Caesar have known since their Southern California days.  They were glad to meet up with them and enjoy a nice evening with Carlos, Earlene and their visiting family. And it also was fun for them to finally check out the historic downtown of Dixie/St. George. Not enough time to check out all the restaurants, unfortunately (or maybe that was a good thing!).  The next morning Emmett played golf, then it was a quick bite to eat at George’s (great lamburgers and brats, and a neat mint chile lemonade drink) and the final leg homeward.

Memories behind us:


Home at last!


The end!  I hope you’ve enjoyed this chronicle of our journey.

Caesar (Claudia) and Emmett (Denny)

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