Wednesday, August 6, 2008 – Getting Ready for the Next Phase

I hope this hasn’t gotten too boring for you as I get close to the end of this phase.  Good news from the surgeon – no rubber bands, exercises three times a day, ice not a determining factor at this point.

I made a leap in my progress as I can eat my porridge with a teaspoon – another milestone in my life!  This afternoon I am experiencing another itching sensation on my chin area.  It is not a good feeling, but then usually when it (finally) passes that means that I go up a notch in my progress.  Hope for the weary indeed.

The week of the 25th I will get my suspension wires removed.  That may mean a day or two out of commission.  But it will mark the end of the surgery part of my journey, so the balance out will be with the orthodontist and the countdown to the removal of my braces.

In the meantime, it’s Tally-Ho – return to work on Monday, and playing with my food before I eat it until my jaws can handle the mastication part of their natural born role.  Thanks ever so much for journeying with me and giving me the support and encouragement I so desperately needed to get through this event!

Ciao for now, and thanks for being there.

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