Sunday, July 27, 2008 – The Heat is Hot

And air conditioning is a wonderful invention.

As luck would have it, my tomatoes are glad for the heat and they are ripening in good form.  The problem with that is we have acquired a neighbor in the form of gray fur who partakes of a tomato in the afternoon or occasional evening.  He doesn’t like the skin or the seeds, and prefers them partially ripe.  Needless to say, we are greedy when it comes to the fruits of our labors, so there is now netting installed and we’ll see who is the smarter of the group.

Last night I paid for not taking the 2nd shower – I thought that putting my head over steam would be sufficient.  I ended up sleeping later this morning as a consequence.  I sure racked up the sleep this afternoon.  But I did get a decent walk in this afternoon, with Denny – we went the whole mile.  And there was such a nice breeze by 5 PM. (I did go out for a shorter one last night, for those of you who were wondering!).  And I have my second shower under my belt tonight.

Let’s see – other progress items.  As of late last night, I could actually feel the roof of my mouth.  That’s progress!  I am also feeling more of the exterior of my chin area.  I had been warned that I would lack sensation there for a bit, so I am surprised that I am feeling that already.  One other thing I am realizing is that as the swelling goes down, that pressure is replaced by the sensation of a new jaw position in my mouth.  I never really took any TMJ diagnoses seriously, but now I can seriously say that it was a factor that I won’t have to deal with anymore.  I have my eye on the prize and I have confidence that this will work out in the long run.  Did I mention my whiskers?  You can see them now as the swelling has reduced.  They are on the lower outside of my jaw, and are where they held my head in place for surgery.  Now I can say I am starting to feel like a cat.

Tonight for dinner I made an experiment – I asked Denny to get me some ground pork, which I cooked up and then put in the blender with broth.  It was a good idea, but our Waring Blender has seen the better of many years and has forgotten what the word puree means.  Still, with a little strainer I managed to have a high protein meal for once and not totally rely on fat calories to keep me going.

I did manage to get in a little sewing today.  I think that tomorrow, since Denny will be at work, I will actually try and check out a DVD or two.  Change of pace, you know.  Ciao!

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