Life is Good

August 23, 2011

Every morning Denny and I have been able to walk early in morning, before the heat arrests the day.  These little smiley signs are posted along both Pinnacle Peak Road and 91st Street.  The hysterical part about it is that they are painted over a “no trespassing” background.  My guess is that between rabbit, gecko and quail – in addition to the horses in the area – that the signs were ineffective so now they serve a better purpose.

From another perspective, the smiley faces reflect how I feel since we picked up our “hold out” boxes from the move (the rest are in storage).  Included in the boxes were my tea kettle and our own sheets.  Talk about heaven!  It’s not a coincidence that I slept 100% better the minute I hit the familiarity of my sheets and summer cotton bedcover.  And it almost brought tears to my eyes the first time I heard that tea kettle sing when at full boil.  At last, a nice cup of tea at “home”!

This August is gearing up as the hottest August on record.  Figures we’re here to usher it in.  Not to worry.  There’s air conditioning, it’s a dry heat and therefore totally bearable when in the shade. And it beats the odd earthquake and the unreasonably cool summer weather we were experiencing in the South Bay area of Northern California before we left.   I am thankful that I can still enjoy a nice cup of tea, and now I don’t order my tall skinny latte extra hot.  Thank God for the simple things in life!

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