Thursday, July 31, 2008 – Moving On

The neighbors in 131 have moved out today.  There was no for sale sign or anything to announce this as an impending event, so there’s a good chance that it was a rental.  Denny and I have made more than our fair share of moves, that’s a fact!  Another nice day for indoors – where there is enough breeze so I don’t have to put on the air conditioner. Of course, in another hours that might be another story. The sun did feel pretty warm this morning when I took my requisite walk.

I was trying to get up earlier in the day – you know, stay up after Denny went on to work, but that hasn’t been working out to well.  Even though the surgeon said to change into normal clothes (stuff you would be willing to be seen wearing in public), that sure hasn’t stopped me from taking my naps!  Yesterday was a really long day activity-wise for me.  I did get to sleep all the better for it, I think.  But that might be more because I got permission to sleep at a normal sleeping angle, versus having to sleep sitting up.  I challenge you to do that for nine days in a row!

I do feel better today but more tired.  I was told this was to be expected through next week.  My guess is that the anesthesia is out of my system. But I still feel like someone is grabbing my face by the jaw.  There was more puffiness today because I slept almost level.  So I spent most of the morning watching the Brother Cadfael tapes my sister sent and icing myself at the same time.  My cat Drucker lies next to me on the bed while I watch the tapes.  She has been keeping an eye on me.

A word to the wise – if you use frozen vegetables instead of ice, there is a reason they use peas, which I discovered when I substituted lima beans.  Peas don’t stink as they de-thaw.  The things you learn…..

Also, I am two pounds heavier today than I was yesterday, so my metabolism must have caught up with my new routine.  I was so enjoying all that dairy!

I was feeling sorry for myself thinking that next Wednesday I will get the rubber bands on again for my back teeth.  It appears that although the exterior swelling is going down well enough, there is still a lot of internal swelling, so it doesn’t make sense to add the bands if they are going to cause the wrong kind of pressure.  (Most of the exterior swelling is in the sinus area under the eyes.) That means my minor victory from yesterday is short-lived, but in the long scheme of things it will work out for the best.  So I can talk for now, although I sound pretty scratchy, and it hurts after a few sentences, and tires me out quickly.  The Aleve is helping with the spasms.  I cut back on the meds, although I really can’t get through the day without taking them at least once. They tire me out in a different way, but the tension from my muscles and bones settling into their new formation causes more fatigue than the other, so there that goes. At least it’s half strength, one shot for the entire night, so I am making sure I am not becoming dependent.  I think I  was getting all blubbery earlier in the week because I was trying to manage the pain solo too soon.  No sympathy for martyrs in this household!

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