All Things Woven

It is extremely hard to quantify and document weaving journeys.  There are many phases for each project. Stopping to write a note or take a picture tends to dampen the creative flow – at least for me.  That makes for a very jagged (and non-standard) documentation format for each of my weaving projects.  On one hand, it doesn’t bother me that much because, for me, the point is a one-of-a-kind experience.  Most of my projects end up looking or feeling different than my expectations or written plan.  But then, much of life is like that.

That said, this section is devoted to my fiber journeys, the first being my retreat to Jane Stafford’s Pushing the Boundaries of Plain Weave Even Further, in Salt Spring Island, B.C.

Thanks for joining me as I navigate through the world of fiber!

More Adventures:

Collapse Weave Study Group – Woven Shibori-Crimp Project

Dye, No Tie – Oh, My!

Linen and Hemp

Tom Knisely’s Huck Lace Workshop

Jane Stafford’s Colour and Design Workshop

Study Group Recovery

Deflected Hand-Dyed Double Fluff

Sett and the Deflected Weave

More Deflected Double Weave – 14/2 Linen

The Weaver’s School

Summer and Winter with Rosalie Nielson

Drawloom Weaving with Joanne Hall

Damask Adventure; Weaving at the 66th Parallel

Designing Deflected Double Weave with Denise Kovnat

Vavstuga Weaving Basics with Becky Asheden


FCF Holland – Weave, Weft Warp, January 2-24, 2019

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