Sunday, August 3, 2008 – Sunday

I took a picture of these flowers when Denny and I took a vacation in Gold Country May 2006.  It was a fun trip.  But these flowers reminded me of the radichi my mother grew in our backyard. Note the shape of the leaves.  Anyway, it was another bit of nostalgia that I thought I would share today.

I finished reading William Trevor’s short stories, and I also finished reading Knitting Bones, by Monica Ferris.  The title is quite appropriate, since my bones are knitting themselves as we speak!  It was a cute page-turner and a quick read.  I was surprised at how much factual craft information Monica included in the story – actual yarns, even a pattern.  So there is such a thing as having the best of all worlds.

Next will be Mark Twain short stories.

I also intend to get to spinning again, as it will hopefully get my coordination skills primed.  And I should at last finish that Entralac shawl project I bumbled with the wrong amount of yarn (again).  If that tales more than I day I shall be surprised (maybe dismayed will be a better descriptive).

Anyway, the nose bleeding has really cut back, although I get into trouble if I don’t remember to irrigate with my saline solution.  I am going through another phase of tingling – which means pain meds on the horizon.  Between the itching, tingling and occasional spasms, it feels like part of that long-term recovery process. Tomorrow I will be in week three of the six to eight weeks, so I suppose I should get used to this!

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