Wednesday, July 30, 2008 – My Hero

Today is Denny’s birthday.  Happy Birthday!  It’s a beautiful day, and he is playing his favorite game today – golf.  He’ll be back in time to take me to the doctor (Linda is my back-up).  And then I shall roast a pork tenderloin.  This should be interesting – do I have the presence of mind to last that long?  Maybe.  I do feel like I’ve upped a notch on the path to good health today.  In the positive sense, that is.  I took my vitamins last night, which I have been neglecting.  And this morning I have been drinking Ensure and pre-made smoothies.  I even had scrambled eggs.  Cream of Wheat is going to be my soft food base, I decided.  It’s so weird to eat.  I am using an espresso spoon, and I can’t feel the exterior of my skin around my lips.  I also can’t get my mouth to stretch open wide enough for that small spoon (which I will ask about today).  I keep visualizing all those times we fed my younger sister or nieces and nephews as babies, with that food all over their mouths and dripping down their chins.  That’s me!  I can now understand how they are just understanding how the mouth works and don’t have the reflexes to control the food to the back of the mouth.  I digress, again.  I did take a walk to the newspaper box at the condos down the road, then read the comics on the front patio.  (I could hear Dinah meowing to get out the whole time, she doesn’t miss a beat!)

There were a few bills to pay and some things to straighten up and before I knew it, it was 1 PM.  Time to get ready to go the to the doctor!

Next Monday it will be our seven year anniversary – 17 years all told since that first date at the racetrack.  That said, I will share with you the poem I wrote about him on the 4th day of the Writer’s Digest Poetry Challenge (I only lasted 8 days, so that goes!). Happy Birthday my love!

To My Soul Mate and Husband

You protect me when my defenses fail and

I am vulnerable against the evils in the world.

You protect me from myself when I am frustrated

and destructive.

I am grateful to you for

teaching me unconditional love;

being my guide in understanding who I am;

accepting all of me;

surprising me with random acts of kindness;

laughing together, at ourselves and at each other.

Where would I be if our paths had not crossed?

You are the angel my mother sent to guard me –

a bright light that led me away from the dark path

I had chosen in my grief and despair.

And yet how can I help but love you with all my soul.

You are in my heart when we are apart

and by my side when we are together.

I do not breathe if it’s not with your breath.

I do not fall that you don’t pick me up.

I am ever vigilant to ensure your comfort.

You are ever by my side.

I am so thankful for your presence,

my partner,

my best friend,

the fiber of my soul.

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