Emmett and Caesar Hit the Road Again

Route 5We’re at it again, only this year Bozo has been renamed as Emmett, based on world-famous Emmett Kelly the clown.  More fitting for my guy, for sure, because he’s no Bozo!

This year we are making our beat-the-heat drive to Portland, via Southern California, Northern California, Portland, and then back home via Idaho and Utah.  Both Southern and Northern California are more about visiting friends and relatives, since we lived in both places for more than a decade each.  So bear with me as I relive some of the past! Lots of good memories but a lot of changes too.

Enjoy our journey with us!

The first stop: Southern California (SoCal)

1 Response to Emmett and Caesar Hit the Road Again

  1. alice mertz says:

    Looking forward to hearing about the trip. Rained all day long. Too cold for Ed to swim.

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