Really? Really???

Twice this week I have been in a conversation in which “really” is being used in a “new” way.  At least, new for me.  Where I would normally hear “you’re kidding”, is replaced by saying “really” twice – the second time has emphasis and elongation on the first syllable.

The context is exclamation over behavior that is apparently and inarguable rude, or ignorant.  Also to people who should know what they are doing and flagrantly act dumb about it.  I have to admit it’s a lot better than “duh”.  And it is certainly a perfectly appropriate venting forum, at least for me, since I have been at the mercy of contractors and their minions for the past 6 weeks.  The master bath will be beautiful when it is finally done.  And at a psychological cost.

I could have used “really, really” a thousand times in the past six weeks.

You mean the air conditioner doesn’t keep the room cool in 110 degree heat when you keep the door open? An open door doesn’t keep the dust out? Spackling tools scratch the surface of stone countertops? Glass shower doors need one inch clearance for hinges?  Standard depth sinks need a cabinet depth of at least 24 inches? Really? Really???

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  1. Virginia Glenn says:

    Ahh the joys of remodeling – and language all at the same time! Virginia

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