Beating Out the Tangle

Bureau ScarfAt last – off the loom.  A frustrating project, but a lot of learning involved.  One big thing I learned about my new loom is that I have to discover a way to minimize loom waste. The first step on that will be figuring out a better tie-on for the sectional beam (it has no predrilled holes).  After that it will be a matter of figuring out the “sweet spot” on squeezing the last shot of the shed.  The treadling was so much better than I could have hoped for.  Due to the overall length of the finished project, I decided to convert the use from a people scarf to a bureau scarf, and it looks fine in the bedroom.  On the up side, I’ll see it every day instead of the odd occasion that one can wear wool in the desert.  Here is the up close and personal shot of the pattern:

Detail on Bureau ScarfSo, overall, I would have to judge the project a medium success.  It all comes down to being able to go with the flow and learn from mistakes.  After all, things are always what they seem!  I have my next project planned for as much as I can call it planned, and am looking for a good time to start measuring the warp.

Box Lace ShawlAll that aside, I have been working on my knitting list as well. I was FINALLY able to finish the box lace shawl (design courtesy of Cheryl Oberle and her fantastic pattern book, Folk Shawls. I am already on to the next project (filler in the evening) – a lacy cable scarf from Interweave.  Details on Ravelry. There is nothing more satisfactory than finishing a project that you can call your own.

Now if I can only get working on that cotton spinning.  I have some lint that needs to be carded, and about 6 ounces of roving to practice my “technique”.  That would be “as taught by” Joan Ruane, who is one of the most patient teachers I know.  Previous attempts at spinning cotton have been a disaster, and I had sworn it off.  But I guess now was the right time and place.  I’ll get there.

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  1. Verónica says:

    I’ve never tried weaving but the texture on your practice piece looks very nice!

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