Another Fiber Friday?????? Where’s the Food?

Readers beware – no pictures this time, just links.  Getting back to basics.

I keep losing track.  It seems that every day is a fiber day, or an awesome food day, and I get caught up in the activity and then “poof” it’s all gone.

In July I attended Convergence 2012 in Long Beach, CA.  Took a finger weaving class (I know, that sounds a little, shall we say, provocative, but it is also known as Indian and Braid weaving) taught by Carol James, who is an awesome teacher.  Picked up some fabulous linen from Lone Star Loom Room and am now planning a new project on my loom – a linen shawl, maybe in Bronson Lace.

In the meantime I am still spinning.  Finished the Vicenza shawl I was working on – made it in Foxfire Organic Cotton – a silvery green matte color.  Now I am working on the Fresco Basket Whip cowl, using Handwerks’ fabulous cashmere blend.  Even in the 112 degree heat, it is a joy to knit!

Food has been an issue this past month, mostly because my cholesterol and triglycerides have not been kind to me.  So I am shorting a majority of my grains and dairy input, concentrating on vegetables and some protein (fruit in small supply), while upping my mobility.  That means, basically, smaller portions of healthier selections and getting off my butt!  So far I have lost four pounds and am feeling better.  I have managed to throw together some easy savory selections, like eggplant and tomatoes sauteed with shallots (my new favorite onion), as well as getting back to snacking on sugar snap peas, consuming my former levels of tea (that would be MORE), and, last but not least, more fish (yes!!!).  There is something to be said about not having preconceived notions of meals, and wandering around the produce aisles to see what looks alive and tempting.  I must say the mystery of the outcome has made eating more exciting.  And I had forgotten how much I missed my red lentil soup – and so easy to make!   Of course, fresh goat cheese from Crow Dairy Farm drizzled with Orange Blossom honey from The Simple Farm is a great reward for making it to exercise class more than once a week!  One more month and then I see how I do on the blood tests.  The worst part is no pasta.  For an Italian-descent person, that is like draining blood.  So there will be exceptions, especially when I am in the mood to make it fresh.

At last, I read The Innocent by Magdalen Nabb and Atonement, by Ian McEwan.  Good reads.  And that’s it for now.

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  1. Food and Fiber, I like the connection, both feed us!

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