Friday Fiber Time Again…..

Well, the baby blanket for Keith Aiden (my great-nephew in transit) and Paula’s shawl (sorry, mail it out so quickly that I forgot to take a picture) are both done, and in time!  It is amazing that when a project or group of projects are completed there is this vacuous feeling and a slight panic sets in.  This time I had a delayed reaction because my House of Silk book was due back at the library and I couldn’t renew it because it was on hold for someone else, so I had a marathon session to get it done and not have to pay a fine.  I really liked it – by D. Horowitz and it really had the feel of the Arthur Conan Doyle books.

Of course in between all this there’s been the excessive heat condition which prompted a day trip to Jerome and Sedona….and we had found a chest of drawers for the loom room – which was delivered and the room rearrangement began.  That was a good thing for my fiber stash – it is a lot easier now to find everything and keep the wool separated from the cotton and linen, knitting projects from weaving, et cetera.  I also rearranged the room to balance out the space better, so all around it’s in a lot better shape.  And there is room in the closet!  After putzing around in the room, I realized that I will have to revisit my pattern collection and organize it so that I can find things.  At least that got me moving on filling the anxiety void of not having something in work, and I picked a new shawl project – cotton, for AZ – and will make another pair of booties for Keith before we get on the road next week.  I can’t even explain the sense of relief in having the needles, yarn and pattern ready to get cast on.  Knitting is the most portable thing I do, especially when I am not totally riveted by the tv and need to do something with my hands.  Weaving is for solid blocks of time.  Spinning is for centering and fingering out my next step in whatever.  And I throw in a homemade pasta stint in the middle of it all when I am nervous about not getting a good start on my project, or if I get stuck on a chart.  Fiber people can get into some pretty complicated situations. Which explains why we had homemade pasta tonight with a simple ground pork sauce.  Semolina and all purpose flour combo, sifted 4 times, and it came out quite good.

And who knows what Friday will bring next!!!! Another fun monsoon thunder, lightening and rainstorm!  We had a beaut last night, slept really good, which explains the energy and ADD today.  Well, pleasant dreams!

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Just another person on the planet earth. My name is Claudia, but I am also known as teacatweaves, and teacatweaver. An escapee from the corporate grind, my husband and I are in a new phase of life. Now I read, weave, spin, urban hike, knit, make bread and pasta from scratch, and discover new and exciting things to my heart's content. One sweet dream is a reference to the Beatles - "...Soon we'll be away from here, step on the gas and wipe that tear away. One sweet dream - be true..."
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