Shaw Butte

It’s still Spring outside, I keep telling myself, as the temperatures climb closer and closer to the eighties and trampoline in and out of the 90 degree range.  In April, Acacia trees have dropped their yellow furry balls and are settling into green.  Palo Verde trees and Creosote bushes are blooming like a vengeance with their yellow petals and white furry balls.  Bursage bushes blooms purple, enticing the reluctant bees to start gathering nectar for honey.  Ocotillo finally burst their green and launch bright orange tips that remind some of butterflies, others of bird of paradise.  Take your pick.

That said, it was a pleasant 79 degrees as we hit the Shaw Butte trail at North Mountain, Phoenix, Arizona.  This has been my fourth climb there so far.  Five (5) miles round trip, 850 foot elevation change.  Which makes for some good aerobic calorie burning.  It’s gotten a little easier, although I still need to huff and puff my way up the trail.  The great thing is that there are plenty of fantastic views to enjoy from all perspectives.  This trail is a great panorama and worth the climb – don’t let the cell towers scare you off.  Quiet reigns supreme at the top. Butterflies hang out while you soak up the view and cool off with the breeze.

The people at the Visitor Center are knowledgeable and helpful with trail information.  There are some awesome nature photos along the hallway on the interior.

Lace up your hiking boots before it gets too hot!

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