There’s Something about a Root Beer Float…

Living in Arizona, the heat is just going to be what the heat is.  Right now there is a heat wave on the falling side of the crest.  Enough to keep the quails and bunnies in the shade and out of view.  Even the birds are pretty quiet. And then the old childhood memories of hot humid east coast summer days flash back.  The kind where everything stuck to you no matter where you sat, and there was only an air conditioner in one room.  It would only be put on at night.  The windows on the shaded side of the house would be open, and a fan would be running a breeze through the house so you could keep breathing.  It was those kind of days that when your Mom suggested a soda float, you would scream thanks to heaven and rush to help make and devour it.  We always had a vanilla ice cream and orange soda version – liquid creamsicle, our favorite.  Uneven scoops of ice cream mashed into 8 ounce glasses, and then the volcano eruption of orange soda that didn’t always stay in the glass.  It was a rush to try and suck up as much of the molten orange sea foam as quickly as possible.  Of course this led to the most outrageous burp contests afterwards.  I quietly suspected that my brothers set this chain of events purposely – a tradition that could not be neglected.

Well, today I was looking for something other than water to quench my thirst.  On these kinds of days I do a floating of my own, from project to project, not exactly finishing one but getting one more step done on another to assuage the guilt of faithlessness.  My weaving was sacrificed to my spinning, which was then sacrificed to my new sewing project (like I needed another unfinished thing to do).  And I avoided all that by going through some old pictures and then scanning and uploading them.  A mint ice cream sandwich, devoured earlier, made me more thirsty than not.  Then I spied that can of root beer lurking in the back of the top refrigerator shelf.  Hmm.  There was the Safeway Select Cherry Marscapone ice cream pint.  I had sampled it the other night.  It had promise but a funny aftertaste, which was even less appetizing after reading the ingredients list.  But with the root beer – the lightbulb went on, and in short order I had root beer float in a frosted glass (we keep them at the ready in the freezer).  What a burst of alka-seltzer joy on the pour!

Anyone up for a burping contest?

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