Fiber Friday with teacatweaves

No time for the wicked, weary, bashful or brazen!  Fiber Friday – facing our WIPs (works in progress) head on…

Rug Project on LoomAfter having finished a sample and getting feedback from the study group, I continued with a one-color version of the rug.  This poor thing has been languishing on my loom for at least three weeks, although I have made considerable progress earlier this week.  I will finish it off, and then double it up and sewing a border edge all around.  If it is too slippery I may look into getting something to attach underneath to keep it in place.  There’s a front door where it can find a home.

linen/cotton pullover

Cecliy Pullover

Of course I also have a knitting project in work.  For this project I am finally using my MaggieKnits linen/cotton weave (which I bought direct from Maggie Jackson at two different classes at Stitches West) to create a transition sweater.  I had a lot of trouble finding a pattern I was brave enough to risk on it, not knowing how much yarn I had to work with (the balls were not marked). Pretty good on the progress, which I only started last week!


Merino mixed color roving

My backfill for when I get stuck in a project is always spinning – and it will get knitted or woven into something, eventually.  I bought this roving at CNCH2010 – the color combo reminded me of a sweater I had back in the 70’s.  I am not sure if there would be enough for a sweater, but it would make a great woven scarf.  I have about 1/3 of the roving spun so far.

Finers Through TIme WorkshopAt the Fibers through Time Conference 2012 I braided my first kumihimo samples.  Tomorrow we will be making “braids within braids” and I have finished my 30″ insert.  It’s a fun class and we have a good group.  Lots of creative juices flowing – love the inspiration in the class!  I have two days left – Sunday we’ll be learning flat braiding, which sealed the deal on picking this workshop.  It is incredible what can be done with kumihimo, and my teacher, Linda Germain, has some incredible samples of her work.  Today I had a turn braiding on her marudai, which is so much more awesome than the disk. Very meditative, in a complex but simple way.

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  1. Your rug looks great ! “Only” 3 weeks on the loom- seems pretty speedy to me with all the other projects going on. Love the Braids!

  2. vairarenbeth says:

    Thanks! I finished the necklace, too – more pictures to follow!

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