Downton Abbey, Finally!

Welcome season 2!  Finally!  And am I too superficial in stating that the clothes are incredible?  Two hours was too short. But then I am grateful for the arrival, nonetheless.

How on earth did Lord Grantham NOT know that he was helping to get Thomas back?  Why is Mary still acting like a character out of a Thomas Hardy novel?  And isn’t Edith just a little too hypocritical by making a play for a married man?  I am sure if she had realized that her letter to the Turkish Embassy is what kept Mary around she would take it back in a heartbeat.  Walk a mile in someone else’s shoes, the saying goes, before you cast judgement.

And I am so mad at Bates.  Anna deserves better, and I am surprised that Bates did not know of Vera’s stint as a housemaid.

Anyway, the scenery is magnificent, the plot riveting, and I am glad we have more episodes to see.  Season 2 is supposed to span 8 years.  Season 3 is under production.  Thank God there is something to watch that makes you think, puts historical events in a human context, and shows how life could be a lot better if we were all a bit more civil (or courteous) to each other.

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